A Day in The Life With Prolink Resources
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A Day in The Life With Prolink Resources

June 27, 2023

As a full-service workforce management consultant, Prolink partners with clients and talent from numerous industries. Our dedicated Resources Team partners with engineering, skilled trades, and other non-clinical talent to support clients in a host of technical sectors including industrial, machining, manufacturing, and more.

From coffee and doughnuts to networking events and client calls, let’s learn more about how one member of the Resources team spends her day.

Meet Hayley, Prolink Account Manager

"The core of my day-to-day responsibilities include client meetings, attending community and networking events, and regular updates with my Resources team members," said Hayley Franklin, a Prolink Account Manager. "I love being active in the community and often utilize events hosted by the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce to meet new people and network."

Hayley has been with Prolink for 9 months now and has 5 years of experience fostering client relationships.

A Knack with Clients

Each Resources Account Manager focuses on industries that align with their backgrounds and strengths. As a virtual-first organization, our 1,000-plus employees are positioned across the country to best serve the regions and clients where they live. Overall, Resources partners with clients in the following industries: 

  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services (e.g., accounting, finance, or administrative talent)
  • Scientific
  • Skilled Trades

With Hayley's prior work experience, the Resources team was a natural fit for her.

"Before moving to Tampa, I lived in a hub of advanced manufacturing and have a heavy manufacturing background as a result. I focus on manufacturing and skilled trades clients, but I also never rule out a company as a potential client," Hayley explained. "In fact, I recently recruited a designer for a kitchen cabinet warehouse."

Establishing, Building Partnerships

When meeting a client for the first time — whether face-to-face or via phone, Hayley has one key piece of advice: Listen.

"Listening is the most important step once you meet a client — listening to their pain points and truly understanding them before you offer any solutions," Hayley said. "Listening to understand helps to foster the relationship and builds trust with the client. Honestly, making those connections and building a rapport are my favorite parts of this position."

As you might guess, that’s just the beginning. Once a client is interested, it’s time to prove yourself.

"The next step is to show a client that you can provide exactly what they need to alleviate any stressors they may be experiencing. Stressors could include not being able to find candidates, retain candidates, or not having up-to-date labor market information," Hayley explained. Prolink wants to be a true partner to our clients, offering workforce solutions tailored to meet their unique needs.

After working with a client and successfully delivering for them, Hayley believes it is crucial to demonstrate loyalty as the next step to continue building the partnership.
Hayley's final tip: Follow up, follow up, follow up!

"In my experience, direct communication and follow up help to ensure the relationship stays on track. I want my client to know that I’m a resource for them," Hayley added.

In-Demand Skillsets

As mentioned, Resources handles skillsets ranging from construction and manufacturing to finance and administrative support.

"We have a lot of engineering roles, skilled trades, and advanced manufacturing roles across a variety of sectors," Hayley said. "For skilled trades, we're hiring CNC machinists, welders, maintenance mechanics and technicians, plus packers and assemblers. We have positions ranging from entry-level to advanced opportunities."

So what are Hayley's Top 3 picks for engineering and skilled trades?

In-Demand Engineering Positions:

  1. Automation/Robotics Engineers
  2. Application Engineers
  3. Quality Engineers

In-Demand Skilled Trades:

  1. Maintenance Technicians
  2. CNC Machinists
  3. Service Technicians

Behind-the-Scenes Collaboration

To ensure a world-class experience for Resources clients and talent alike, Hayley regularly partners with several internal departments.

"Our Compliance, Contracting, and Payroll Teams are critical to the process — helping to make sure that candidates' tasks are completed in a timely manner and that the appropriate forms are signed," she said.

Prolink's Compliance Team gathers and provides quality control on all compliance documentation for candidates; they coordinate with talent to deliver appropriate credentials to the client. Our Billing Team ensures an accurate, streamlined invoicing process for our clients while Payroll ensures talent compensation is seamless.

Making New Connections

To make her mark in the area, Hayley has been working toward establishing her footprint in Tampa — attending job fairs through CareerSource Florida, joining the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce, and attending networking events.

Prolink partners with our clients and talent to ensure each connection or opportunity is the right fit for your needs. At double the staffing industry's benchmark for client satisfaction and triple the benchmark for talent satisfaction, Prolink’s net promoter scores (NPS) reflect our commitment to serving our partners and providing a positive experience for our talent. These scores are measured by ClearlyRated, who conducts third-party satisfaction surveys to gauge client and talent experiences. 

If your business is looking for a workforce solutions partner that will listen to your organization's needs, we'd love to hear from you. Visit prolinkworks.com/contact to connect with an account manager today.

And if you're a Resources candidate interested in working with Prolink to find your next position, visit prolinkworks.com/skilled-labor to view open positions or create an account. Once we review your resume, one of our recruiters will reach out to discuss next steps.

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