Healthcare Jobs You Can Do from Home

Healthcare Jobs You Can Do from Home

May 10, 2021

Many people with healthcare qualifications assume they will be working in doctors’ offices or hospitals. Yet, work-from-home medical jobs are becoming more popular than ever before. These roles can range from billing and coding specialists to telemedicine positions. While a degree or certification is required, once you complete the necessary education, all you need is an internet connection and phone line to perform your job duties. Let’s look at some of the medical positions available that allow you to work from the comfort of home.

Medical Transcriptionists 

A medical transcriptionist is responsible for typing recorded information. Therefore, you need excellent hearing and listening skills. Some companies require a special certification, but education isn’t always required for this incredibly rewarding job. Medical field experience is helpful since you will need to be familiar with medical terminology. You will need to be detail-oriented and possess fast and accurate typing skills. You’ll also require a computer with high-speed internet access. Some companies require a foot pedal and specialized transcription software, but most will provide the software and equipment once you’re hired.

Medical Writers 

If you have medical knowledge, proper certification, and excellent writing skills, medical writing may be the position for you. Medical writers are responsible for taking complex medical terminology and making it more digestible for the layperson. You may find yourself writing medical journal articles, promotional materials, medical website copy, and textbooks. Some hospitals even hire nursing bloggers. For this role, you will need to have a clear writing style and experience working in the medical field.


You may not think of nursing as a work-from-home position. Yet, there are a growing number of nursing positions in telehealth, which is the practice of delivering health-related services by way of telecommunication technology. You’ll need a home office atmosphere and a nursing certification. Most companies will give preference to Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses or (LPNs). Roles that need to be filled within the telehealth nursing sector include case management, telephone triage nurses, legal nurse consultants, healthcare recruiters, project managers, nurse managers, and health IT/Nursing information specialists. 

Medical Call Centers 

Companies that hire medical call center representatives prefer registered nurses, though some will hire LPNs, physicians’ assistants, or mental health professionals. The qualifications required largely depend on the call center. You will need good interpersonal skills, a reliable computer and phone, as well as knowledge of medical terminology. 

Medical Coders & Billers 

Medical coders and billers are hired by insurance companies to process paperwork from hospitals and doctors’ offices. There are also companies that hire third-party coders and billers for medical offices that wish to outsource the work. To qualify for this position, you’ll usually need on-site work experience, as well as formal training or certification. You’ll also need to be familiar with medical terminology, human anatomy, healthcare procedures, diagnoses, and the appropriate codes for each of these categories. Check the reputation of any company you wish to work for before you apply, as these positions are commonly advertised and used as work-from-home scams.  

Traveling Physicians and Consultants 

Physicians can find work as part-time or full-time telecommuting doctors. Other positions available for physicians who want to work from home include online teachers, reviewers, and writers of medical content, and those who wish to practice online through telehealth services. Some research companies and insurance agencies also hire physicians for a variety of nonclinical positions, many of which involve telecommuting. 


Your pharmacy degree or license doesn’t mean you have to work at an on-site pharmacy. Work-from-home pharmacists get hired to review and enter online prescriptions. Most companies hiring for these positions will require onsite experience before you can move to a home office atmosphere, however. A pharmacy certification can also help you transition to an at-home job like medical writing or medical transcribing.  

Medical Professional for Insurance Companies 

Insurance companies hire medical professionals to serve on advisory boards or to work as insurance agents. Many agencies actively look for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, case managers, medical billers, and coders. You may also find yourself interpreting special cases, drawing up rules and regulations, and managing paperwork, all from the comfort of your home. 

Partner with a Staffing Agency to Apply for At-Home Medical Jobs 

Hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, and insurance agencies are increasingly searching for medical professionals to fill these at-home positions. When you have professional training, proper certification, and experience in the healthcare field, you can increase your chances of landing one of these roles by partnering with a staffing agency like Prolink. When you become a partner of Prolink, you gain a host of important benefits, including inside knowledge of the industry and a chance to get your resume on the right hiring manager’s desk. Get started today by calling (866)777-3704 and requesting to speak with a dedicated career consultant.

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