Managing Stress & Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Managing Stress & Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 13, 2021

The act of job hunting can be stressful enough without adding the COVID-19 pandemic to the mix. When searching for the ideal position has you feeling stressed and anxious, it helps to have some coping mechanisms at the ready. Only when you are able to remain calm and collected will you find yourself landing that interview and securing the ideal role

The Effects of Anxiety and Stress When Job Hunting

You may not realize you are under so much stress until the effects take over your mind, mood, and body. An overabundance of stress and anxiety can leave you irritated and angry at the slightest provocation. 

You may feel anxious just reading about the latest open positions, and nervous about your upcoming interviews. Unless you do something about these feelings, you may end up snapping at the hiring manager the next time you sit face to face (or interact via Zoom). 

At their worst, these stress-related disorders can leave you feeling powerless and less motivated about job hunting altogether. None of these emotions are conducive to landing your ideal job. 

To keep these sensations at bay, the first step is to recognize these strong emotions for what they are. They are your body’s natural reaction to an overabundance of tension. When you feel stressed and anxious, your body produces cortisol, which is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands. At high levels, cortisol can interfere with your brain’s ability to function normally. Your immune system is also affected, which can lead to illness if the pressures you are under go unchecked. Prolonged amounts of stress can lead to depression, sleep loss, weight fluctuations, digestive issues, fatigue, and headaches. 

Relaxing is key; here are some ways to keep a cool, calm and collected demeanor the next time you have to search for a job or interview for a new position.   

Get in the Right Mindset 

Worrying only makes the problems you are facing worse. The pandemic has us all feeling isolated, stressed, and worried. You can mitigate these emotions by reminding yourself that this period of job hunting is only temporary. It’s a minor hurdle that must be overcome, and one that tons of other people are also facing. To help you achieve a better and more productive mood, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for a count of ten. Repeat as often as necessary. 

After employing this breathing exercise, take your job search slowly. Don’t try to do too much all at once. Read over a few listings, then take a break. Send a resume or two, then try and relax for five to ten minutes. The idea is not to get too overwhelmed. Most of all, believe in yourself and your abilities, and you’ll soon get through this period without feeling stressed and anxious. 

Get Some Fresh Air 

Spending too much time indoors is not good for anyone. Getting outside exposes you to sunlight, which in turn helps your body produce vitamin D, which incidentally helps your body fight off illnesses like COVID-19. Go for a walk outside or merely sit in your yard and take in your surroundings. Studies have shown that spending time in nature helps you feel more relaxed.

Take a Break from the News Cycle

It could be that you are feeling burnout from the 24/7 news cycle that constantly repeats the doom and gloom. Try taking a break from watching, listening to, and reading the news. That includes social media. While it’s helpful to stay informed, getting bombarded with bad news on an everyday basis can take its toll, which is a hindrance to keeping a positive attitude.

Instead, participate in activities you enjoy. Phone or video chat with a friend. Read a book or take up a new hobby, like knitting, crossword puzzles, or baking. With a self-imposed media blackout, you may find that your motivation to search for the ideal job returns, making you more willing to send out resumes for the positions that best match your skills.

Take Care of Yourself 

Try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Eat a balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and cut down on alcohol (or remove it from your life completely). Take regular breaks from job hunting to rest, stretch, and check-in with supportive family and friends. 

If you are being treated for a mental health condition, speak with your health provider if you are experiencing worsening or new symptoms. Be sure to educate yourself on where you can go for help if the overwhelm becomes too much, such as calling the National Suicide Prevention Hotline if necessary. 

Make Job Searching Easier on Your Body & Mind

Even with the right qualifications, sending out your resume to potential employers can be an uphill battle. You may begin to doubt yourself. You may feel as though you’re not as well-qualified as you should be. To help you land your dream job, consider partnering with a staffing agency like Prolink during the pandemic. 

When you connect with Prolink, you have a greater chance of being matched with the perfect job that matches your job skills and goals. You have access to job recruiters who are motivated to help you land the position you have your eye on, and you can get interview tips to help you impress any hiring manager. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is stressful on everyone, but you don’t have to let it get you down. Speak to a dedicated career consultant to ease your stress as you hunt for the perfect job, and you just may land the position of your dreams. Call today to get started (866)777-3704.

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