Top 8 Reasons to Try Travel Nursing

Top 8 Reasons to Try Travel Nursing

June 28, 2024

Updated June 28, 2024

With a significant portion of the U.S. population turning 65 or older in the next few years and the shortages in nursing care continuing to worsen, nurses are in higher demand than ever before. As a travel nurse, you can take on temporary assignments where demand is highest, knowing that you’re providing care where it’s needed most.

A travel nurse is a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse who takes on short-term contracts in various locations throughout the country. They can choose to remain longer at a posting or move on when their contract is done. 

For many nurses, travel nursing provides a number of crucial benefits. If you’re looking for a change and are considering this option, there are some excellent reasons to make the leap. 

1. Flexible schedules

Achieving a work-life balance is one of the key factors in preventing burnout. When working a traditional nursing job, flexibility in your schedule is not usually something you can depend on. You are likely not even able to take a vacation without carefully arranging it with the rest of the staff. 

That's not the case with travel nursing. As a travel nurse, you can decide not only where you want to work but when. You can take time off between postings and plan vacations when it’s suitable for you. All of this helps you to more effectively take control of your career while also making a private life easier to manage. 

2. Enticing pay

Nurses earn good salaries, but travel nurses generally make more. Keep in mind that the state in which you practice will impact your wages. A travel nurse in New York, for example, could make an average of $125,701 per year, while one in North Carolina might only make an average of $75,610.

With travel nursing, you also have access to significant benefits. These include non-taxable housing stipends and excellent medical coverage. Retirement matching and sick pay are also common contract components. 

Because of these benefits, travel nursing could allow you to meet your financial goals more rapidly, including saving up for a home or retirement. It’s an excellent option for those looking to grow professionally and financially.

3. Travel opportunities

Travel nursing allows you to not just visit many cities and states but actually live and work there. It can be an excellent option for those who have considered moving to a particular location but want to ensure it’s the right choice. It can also be a great way to see the country if you’re not sure where you want to make your home. 

Travel nursing lets you accommodate your preferences and even medical conditions better, too. If very cold winters exacerbate your asthma, for example, choosing warmer locations during those months can make your life easier. Do you want to spend your summers near the ocean? That’s possible, too.

4. Diverse work settings

Being able to work in different facilities gives you the chance to gain invaluable experience. Not only does this help with your personal growth, but it teaches you how to adapt quickly to new environments and new ways of doing things. You can learn what the best ways of handling a medical situation are while also getting to know different patient communities.

You get the chance to learn how to use different technologies and follow a variety of protocols that help to make you a better nurse. You also get to work with lots of people who might be instrumental in your career. 

Two female nurses engage in conversation during a break from work.

5. Networking opportunities

By meeting new people every few weeks and making connections with them, you are expanding your network. This could mean having access to excellent opportunities later on in your career. 

Often, you also get the chance to meet more experienced travel nurses who could share their guidance and provide tips to help improve your experience. These mentorship relationships can help you grow professionally while also rewarding you personally. 

6. Drama-free work

Once you work at the same facility for years, you may have no choice but to be involved in the day-to-day politics that are common in high-stress jobs. If you’re a travel nurse, it’s a lot easier to avoid drama–after all, you’re only there for a few months. Instead, you can focus on your work and on improving yourself.

7. No boredom

If you love challenges and feel a bit stifled by having to work in the same place every day, travel nursing offers the chance to avoid boredom. Contracts can be as short as just several weeks, so you can enjoy a location and then move on to your next adventure. 

8. Improved job satisfaction

Dealing with burnout and stress from working in a high-pressure environment without the chance to take a break when needed leads to low job satisfaction. Given enough time, you may even decide that nursing is not for you because of the strain it places on your personal life as well as on your mental health. 

The flexibility and variety that travel nursing offers can help you rediscover your love for the profession. You get the chance to really make a difference in communities that need help while also taking breaks when a recharge is necessary. All of this leads to better job satisfaction, which inevitably results in better patient care

Take your career to the next level

Travel nursing can be an excellent way to see the country while offering help to those who need it most. It allows you to work in many different environments and meet a variety of people. 

Finding the right travel nursing assignment is simple when you choose Prolink. We can pair you with the right employers and offer the help you need to start your travel nursing path. If you’re looking to start travel nursing, or simply searching for your next position, connect with a Prolink recruiter today. 

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