Video: Serving Hawaii's Workforce and Community
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Video: Serving Hawaii's Workforce and Community

June 19, 2024

Hawaii's unique healthcare workforce challenges are nothing new, but they do require fresh solutions and ideas in order to bring about lasting change. Encouraging contingent workers to make their way to the state is half the battle. The real challenge is building a pipeline that meets the islands' long-term needs. The video below illustrates how Prolink is working with healthcare leaders in Hawaii to do just that. 

Watch: Going Beyond the Business (featuring Hilton Raethel and Kris Cannon)

Continuing community investment

Prolink's relationship with Hawaii is about working together. It is the kind of long-term partnership that requires a deep connection with the community to be successful. That is why Prolink continues to invest in the roots of a sustainable workforce with our dedication to community outreach and support. 

In addition to encouraging qualified clinicians to work in the state by promoting programs like HELP, our work in the community includes: 

  • Holding quarterly events for our clinicians currently working in Hawaii 
  • Building a CNA curriculum and program for Farrington High School in Honolulu 
  • Assisting Governor Green with a PSA and promotion for HELP 
  • Judging Hawaii's HOSA competition for future health professionals 

Building Hawaiian healthcare's future 

 As we deepen connections with our partners and workers in the state, Prolink's commitment to impacting Hawaiian healthcare will only continue to grow. We are in Hawaii for the long haul and dedicated to helping the state solidify and sustain its workforce. 

 Click below to learn more about the workforce solutions Prolink delivers to Hawaii and around the country. 

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