Survey: Less than Half of Nurses Fully Engaged

Survey: Less than Half of Nurses Fully Engaged

September 18, 2023

Per an article published by Becker’s referencing the 2023 PRC National Nursing Engagement Report, only 45.1% of surveyed nurses are “Fully Engaged” at their hospital. 14.4% of surveyed nurses fell into the “Unengaged” category. The report, published by market research and consulting firm PRC, defines “Unengaged” nurses as “ambivalent to the success of their hospital.”

Prolink’s Talent Experience

These findings underscore the importance of providing a world-class experience to clinicians, especially when it comes to career development, compensation, and mental well-being. Prolink leads the staffing industry in all three categories, offering its nurses leadership training opportunities, free resources—including counselling and stress-management coaching—to support mental health, and recognition like its DAISY award program that emphasizes positive communication and relationships between hospitals and clinicians. 

What Drives Nurse Engagement?

The report’s other findings included:
•    The three drivers of engagement were autonomy, RN-to-RN teamwork and collaboration, and leadership access and responsiveness.
•    Night shift nurses were less engaged (18.4% unengaged) than day shift nurses (12.8% unengaged).
•    Emergency departments had the highest rate of unengaged nurses (18%).
•    82% of nurses overall, and 50% of unengaged nurses, plan to remain at their organization for the next two years.

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