What to Look for in a Travel Nurse Recruiter

What to Look for in a Travel Nurse Recruiter

January 6, 2022

Nurses are in high demand countrywide. With half a million RNs expected to retire in 2022, many facilities are looking to travel nurses to fill the void

As a nurse entering the travel nursing field, you may not know where to start. Working with a travel nursing recruiter is a good first step.

A recruiter has the resources available to help you secure fast placement in the position, location, and healthcare facility you want. But how can you determine which agency to work with? Which one has the resources, connections, and impetus to consistently find you well-paying nursing gigs?

The following eight qualities should help, which are attributes that all good travel nurse recruiters have. Find one that embodies them all and you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling your travel nurse career goals. 

Eight Qualities of Top Travel Nurse Recruiters 

Offers Help and Support

When you first start working with a travel nurse recruiter, you may be new to the entire process. This means you could benefit from a bit of guidance from someone more experienced in working with travel nurses to help find them job placement. This is where top travel nurse recruiters shine. The best ones can act as a mentor of sorts, helping you navigate the complex system of travel nursing recruitment. 

Even after you have been placed in a position, what if you have questions? What if your paycheck is short thirty dollars? Or what if your schedule on a particular shift is different than was explained to you when you signed the contract? Your recruiter is like your agent if you were a movie or sports star. This professional is tasked with having your back and advancing your career, and you should be able to turn to your recruiter whenever you have a need.

Assistance with Travel Nursing Emergencies

Your recruiter should even help when you face the off-hand emergency. For instance, what if you end up stranded in an area because your gig was canceled at the last minute, even after you traveled to the location? Your travel nurse recruiter should be willing to help in these situations, especially when you might have no one else to turn to.

Honesty and Integrity 

You want to know that your recruiter is being forthcoming with all information. Whether it has to do with contract details or information about a particular employer, you never want to have to second guess the professional you work with. You especially want transparency when it comes to all contract negotiations, as far as hours, pay, location, housing, and travel reimbursements are concerned. 

You may have to interview a few recruiters to determine which ones are the most honest. Never be afraid to stop working with a recruiter who displays dishonesty. You want a trustworthy nursing recruiter who is invested in you as a person, as well as in your career goals. Make this known when you start working with a recruiter to weed out any who may not have your best interests at heart.

Experience as a Travel Nursing Recruiter 

The most valuable nursing recruiters have been in the game for some time. They’ve managed to build relationships with healthcare organizations and facilities around the country – or around the world. The best professionals have worked with travel nurses just like you, and probably already have a good ten to twenty other travel nurses on his/her roster. 

When interviewing travel nurse recruiters, ask about their level of experience and if they have worked with others in your unique situation. Doing so can make you feel more confident that you’ve found the perfect recruiter for your needs.


Travel nurse recruiting can have you dealing with a ton of paperwork. Many travel nurse recruiters will help to manage this paperwork on your behalf. Look for a recruiter who is good at recalling important deadlines, who can produce the right paperwork in a flash, and who is able to submit paperwork on time. 

Attention to Detail 

It can be frustrating working with a travel nurse recruiter who keeps making mistakes. This is especially egregious during contract negotiations. You want to know that your travel nurse recruiter is telling you accurate information, from the amount of money you’ll be making to the hours you’ll be working. 

It’s incredibly important to have a nurse recruiter who is always on the ball. This person’s job is to match your travel nurse resume to the ideal job. The person should be cognizant of your career ambitions and should be fighting to get you placement at the facility you want, and at the salary you expect. Only work with travel nurse recruiters who consistently relay the correct information and who advocate on your behalf using details that are specific to you.

Good Communication 

Good communication is vital to a recruiter’s job. The professional must be able to communicate with healthcare facilities to find openings and travel nurses to fill those roles. Without effective communication, a travel nurse recruiter will not get very far. 

One way you can determine if a particular recruiter has good communication skills is to assess how you feel upon your first meeting. Are you treated like a person or like just another number? A good travel nurse recruiter will acknowledge you as a person and try to fully understand your career goals. Your recruiter should then follow up with you consistently to let you know you’re in the best of hands.

Skilled at Sales and Motivated 

Travel nurse recruiting involves a bit of skill in the art of sales. The recruiter must be able to sell you on the facility in need. Conversely, the professional must be able to sell the facility on your skills as a travel nurse. Other than being a good salesperson, you want a travel nurse recruiter who is driven to find you fast gig placement. You can tell if a recruiter is hungry by how much the person follows up with you. If you go days or weeks without hearing from your travel nurse recruiter, it might be time to find a new one.

Ready to Work with a Trustworthy Travel Nursing Recruiter?

Want a travel nurse recruiter you can trust? Apply with Prolink. We can pair you with a nursing recruiter with contacts at healthcare facilities around the country. Start discussing your travel nurse career ambitions with us and see how far your recruiter can take you. Call now to learn more (866)777-3704.

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