Automotive Staffing Solutions

Automotive Staffing Solutions

March 30, 2023

Staffing Challenges All Automotive Manufacturers Face

The automotive industry is rife with staffing problems and the problem is three-fold.

1. Inability to Find Talent: Hard working individuals possessing industry knowledge specific to the automotive industry are difficult to find. Only the right candidates will help an organization scale with the necessary skills and experience to succeed.

2. Seasonal Contract-Based Work: The Spring and Fall seasons are when most vehicle sales occur. During these periods, automotive manufacturers benefit from a more robust workforce, while slowing demand forces employment to ebb. When demand lifts, OEM and other automotive manufacturers are left trying to staff key roles, which can lead to a series of expensive mistakes to be made. The automotive industry would benefit from a constant pool of professional talent available as needed.

3. Industry Slowdowns: When demand plummets, automotive manufacturers are forced to limit the staff they have on hand. This leads to staffing shortages when business resumes. We saw this recently with the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020. When businesses shut down due to COVID-19, many OEM businesses slowed, which put a majority of supplier orders on hold. With business resuming, and demand on new automobiles exploding, particularly with many dealerships pushing 0% financing on new vehicle purchases, it’s clear that the auto industry is struggling to catch up with the increasing demand of adequate, qualified staffing.

How Prolink Can Help

  • Unwavering Attention from Dedicated Recruiters: We understand the unique challenges faced by OEMs. Our automotive staffing specialists give you access to top talent fast without the headaches of physically recruiting personnel getting in the way.
  • Choose Between Passive & Active Jobseekers: The tight labor market will let you have your pick of the best industry talent available. 
  • We Foster Strong Relationships with Top Talent: We take the time to vet the highest quality automotive professionals in the business, all to give you ready-to-go access to the skilled talent you need.

The Skillsets We Offer for Your Staffing Needs

Prolink Automotive specializes in staffing OEM and other automotive manufacturers with the best candidates for your specific situation.

  • General production worker
  • General laborer
  • Machine operator
  • Quality engineers
  • Maintenance technicians (electro-mechanical or multicraft)
  • CNC Machinists
  • Process engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Safety engineers
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